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You've reached Dr. Savage's IMPLANTS Photo Gallery
The photos you see below are of some of Dr. Savage's patients who have had oral rehabilitation.


Heavy duty implants are used to hold upper and lower dentures in place. The minimum number for a complete denture is two. This patient claims that he can crack nuts with his implants. 
Here you can clearly see how the socket part of the attachment is made into the denture.


Implants can help to hold a floating lower denture. In this example, four implants will hold down the denture. On right, six implants are needed to hold an upper denture in place. The attachment mechanism is a simple ball and socket. The denture can be removed daily for cleaning.
After implant placement, the palate and flange was removed from the upper denture. The patient reported improved and enhanced tasting ability.

Implants can also be used to stabilize a partial when there are not enough teeth to hold the partial in place as in this example. 



This patient had good teeth on one side and non-restorable teeth on the other side. We were able to save the good teeth and use implants on the other side to hold the partial in place during function. Without implants this case would have been impossible to do this way, the patient would have to get a complete upper denture.


Treatment is now complete and the patient walks out the door with his new smile.
Two implant attachments can be seen here in each denture. Both dentures are rock solid in the mouth and the patient has > no more need for denture adhesives.



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